Самбурская не выдержала критики после открывшейся правды о ее семье Members brought the star of “Univer” in the social network. Nastasya Samburski has published an angry appeal to followers on his microblog and forbade them to comment on the messages she posts.

      Nastasya Samburski took an unexpected decision. The star of “Univer” disabled for its subscribers in Instagram the opportunity to comment on her posts. Now none of the followers of the actress can’t Express emotions in her photos.

      Apparently, this decision was dictated by the fact that Nastasya was tired of constant insults in its address. The followers brought the star of endless criticism and disappointment. In one of the last posts, the artist left an angry message to those who had to close his blog to comment.

      “People why you are so fond of handing out advice to those who does not need them? Advise you need when you are turning. And when you do not ask, wish the good or go to hell,” wrote Samburski.

      Fortunately nastasi, answer her emotional speech no one could. Now we can only guess that the thought of her fans.

      It is possible that the surge in discussions around Samburski was caused by her recent appearance in the program “Battle of psychics.” 29-year-old actress was the guest of the programme. Clairvoyants of all kinds tried to guess with my eyes closed, what kind of person in front of them, simultaneously revealing the secrets of her life.

      Nastasya Samburski first talked about mothers living in poverty

      So, psychic Hope Shevchenko shocked the actress, describing the house where she grew up and which she loved. The fact that she Samburski prefers not to talk about that period of his life in an interview. The actress left too painful memories of those times. “A feeling of hopelessness, fear,” — said Shevchenko. Even after removing the mask, Hope did not stop. “Your mother lives in poverty,” continued the psychic. “She saw the real me… Hope impressed me with his vision”, — commented on the words of a clairvoyant”.

      Another one of the mediums was found out to figure out the details of the life of the father Samburski. He noted that Nastasia grew up without a dad. The star of “Univer” confirmed this fact. “Father planted when I was five years old,” said the actress.

      In addition, the psychics found out something about his personal life Samburski. With one of the psychics she spoke privately in a special room, after which he appeared shaken by the veracity of the assumptions of the heroine of the program.