Дэниелу Крэйгу предлагают 150 миллионов долларов за возвращение в бондиану

Despite the announced casting for the role of the new James bond, Sony is desperately trying to return to the project with Daniel Craig< /strong>. They made him an offer few could refuse – for the execution of the role, the dream of almost all actors in Hollywood (and maybe all), the actress offered $ 150 million.

“The Studio wants to get him at least one movie. Tape Craig became very successful, the audience accustomed to the bond in his performance, and it makes no sense to change the appearance of the protagonist. The producers agree to pay any money, only to leave Daniel in the project, it is no secret that they love it. In addition, they fear that the involvement of a new actor may threaten the popularity of the franchise at stake in the Bank, so want to protect themselves, leaving Craig,” said the insider.
At different times the role of the new James bond predicted Idris Elba, Michael Fassbender, Tom Hiddleston, and many others.
It is known that the Studio plans to shoot the two films one after the other, preferably with Craig and they agree to pass the baton to another actor, who, as they say, will mean “the beginning of a new era in the James bond films”.
Recall that Daniel himself was so emphatic that said: “I’d rather cut off my own hand than return to the James bond films”. Let’s see if 150 million dollars to change his decision.