The famous photographer has stood up for Jeremy Mix

Знаменитый фотограф вступился за Джереми Микса

After “the most beautiful criminal” and the male model Jeremy Meeks is not allowed on the territory of the UK, without explaining the reasons, the photographer Steven Klein, snaury model for the cover of the publication “Man About Town” stood on his defense.

“This is an unfair behavior of the British authorities. The man stumbled, but already paid for my guilt. Jeremy is not a criminal, he is calm and pleasant people. This fear some parts of society is akin to the fear of refugees. Who can decide where to be a free man?
Jeremy is studying acting in Los Angeles, he participates in the social life, it is truly a family man. He told me that all his life he heard people compliment his appearance, but none of them helped him in his difficult life. Since childhood, he didn’t know a normal existence – my dad practically lived in prison, mother was a drug addict. Where he was to take the subject to follow? Society helped him to his feet, but is now doing everything to bring him back to that life from which he escaped. Today, Jeremy can become the inspiration for those trying to get on the right path and we must help him” — said the photographer.