Anastasia Tsvetaeva showed grown-up son

Анастасия Цветаева показала повзрослевшего сына The actress shared the heir at the request of fans. Photo stirred many emotions in subscribers, who marveled at the beauty of the boy and noted that he is a real dandy.

Anastasia Tsvetaeva in recent times often appears on Russian screens. The fact that 7 years ago the actress married Israeli Nadav of Olgana and now lives with his family near tel Aviv. But the actress often shares in the microblogging photos of his family, but the older son appears on the photo in Instagram celebrity is quite rare. Followers of the actress filled up her requests so she showed the son of Kuzma and star of the TV series pleased followers, making it the. The photo immediately caused a storm of emotions from fans of celebrities, everyone was surprised what a young woman’s adult child.

“Who asked for more Kuzma spread? Catch! And ask for more likes, he monitors, he will be pleased” – signed photo of the actress.

Subscribers to the celebrity said that Kuzma incredibly stylish and also asked more often to spread his photo and information about it. They also noted that for such a large son Anastasia looks very young. “A lovely guy! And beautiful that most of this male beauty!”, “Kuzya handsome! Nastya, give a little more information. Where he learns that he loves, which ECAs goes”, “Very beautiful man! From the girls already fighting?” commented photo the followers of the star.

35-year-old actress has two children: a son Kuzma and daughter Esther. For several years the star lives with his family in Israel and feels very comfortable there. She even got a job in a local theatre, where enjoyed playing dramatic roles. In addition to acting activities, for several years, Anastasia Tsvetaeva releases a new collection of his brand of jewelry Nastia Olgan.Jewelry, which is, of course, makes natural gems and pearls, crystals and silver vintage findings and vintage beads of my grandmother’s dismantled. The brand has a lot of fans among the stars. So, jewelry by Tsvetaeva enjoy wearing Anfisa Chekhov, Sasha Zverev and others.