Прославленная гимнастка Ольга Корбут готовится к свадьбе 62-year-old athlete will marry American. Olympic champion Olga Korbut moved abroad in the 90-ies. For ten years she meets Jay Sepelcom, which will soon formalize the relationship.
Прославленная гимнастка Ольга Корбут готовится к свадьбе

At the 1972 Olympic games in Germany, the world learned about the Soviet teammate Olga Korbut. She was able to win three gold medals and one silver. She was equal to many of the athletes that she was able to enter in the gymnastics elements such as “the Loop of Korbut” and “Korbut Flip”. However, in the 90-ies she moved to the USA where he still lives.

After the divorce with Leonid Bortkiewicz, the leader of the group “Pesnyary”, she found a new love. For many years, the athlete meets with Jay Sepelcom and now preparing for the wedding. Leading talk show “Let them talk” Dmitry Borisov came to Arizona to chat with the famous gymnast.

“We’re getting married this year. This will be our 10th year together. You have the right to celebrate! Here’s an engagement ring, I gave it a year before the trip to London. Not enough of another. Most likely, the wedding will be in Illinois,” – said the groom Korbut.
Прославленная гимнастка Ольга Корбут готовится к свадьбе

Dmitry Borisov admitted that after the shoot they discussed that you need to throw a party celebrating the wedding in Moscow.

At the beginning of last year reported that Olga Korbut sold her Olympic medals. The athlete took the time to comment on this situation and make excuses for their actions. Someone in the social networks and the media believed that she lives in poverty and therefore was forced to take extreme measures, and some recalled that her son received three and a half years in prison for counterfeiting money.

Olga Korbut sold Olympic medals

Прославленная гимнастка Ольга Корбут готовится к свадьбе

Olga for the first time commented Dmitry Borisov, what actually was the cause of parting with the medals for the victory in the prestigious event.

“If these medals bring someone happiness, why they will be in the bag and dusting. They detained the aircraft, checked, remembered Korbut. – The money I gave to a children’s hospital, a shelter for dogs and cats, some left. So I am happy that I gave and helped.”

The famous athlete has kept only one thing given to her for achievements in sport. From the state she was given a watch that she keeps as a memory. The mechanism works to this day. “This is our homeland, it is priceless. As hall of fame, which I opened,” admitted Olga.