Ким Кардашьян перестала скрывать лицо своей дочери
Fans argue, who looks like a girl.

Ким Кардашьян перестала скрывать лицо своей дочери

Kim Kardashian finally showed his younger daughter, born early in the year. Theoretically, fans could early to see the baby, which Kim and her
husband Kanye West gave a rare name is Chicago, after all, Kim has already shared with
fans of videos and the first photos of a girl. However, at the first one only
catch a glimpse of the profile of the baby. And in the photo Kardashian hid the girl’s face under
a special “filter”, to disguise it under a nice pet.

Now, Kim gave the first opportunity to see the daughter that it is specifically for a photo shoot dressed in a pink Onesie. “My “adorable” before
in the morning…” — so Kardashian signed photo. Now fans of Kim lively
discuss who looks like a girl.
The majority believes that Chi, as a gentle
calls daughter, Kim, has inherited mom’s looks, but someone claims that
girl more like dad Kanye.

We will remind, Chi was born 15 January that it has made and
Kim gave birth to a surrogate mother. The star of the reality show, which
managed to do this independently give birth to a daughter North and son of St,
I had to trust an important mission to another woman after the “verdict” rendered by physicians. They warned Kim: given the serious complications that occurred during
the first two pregnancies, if she got pregnant a third time, the risk
an unfavourable outcome would be too great.