Юлия Савичева истязала себя после родов The singer revealed the secret of her weight loss. As it turned out, a young mother is not much better, expecting a baby, so she didn’t have to reset a large number of pounds. To get back in shape, Yuliya Savicheva did a lot of sports.

In August last year, Julia Savicheva became a mother for the first time. The actress gave birth to a charming daughter called Anna. Joyful event in the life of the singer has occurred in Spain. On returning to Moscow Savicheva did not stay too long in the decree, and quickly returned to work.

Fans found that Julia in a relatively short time dropped kilos during pregnancy. Recently, the singer admitted that not much added weight, baby.

“I was lucky – I had a very strict diet for 9 months. This was due to the recommendations of doctors to control of blood sugar. Once a week I allowed myself dessert (after the dessert at least an hour walk), and in other days to limit your carbohydrates. Therefore, after the birth of my daughter I added quite a bit,” she said.

Get in shape Savicheva helped and sports. The singer is about two times increased the load and do special exercises. “If a normal workout consisted of the gym and trainer 2-3 times a week, then after that it was 4-5 times a week,” she shared.

According to the singer, she did exercises for legs with weights and cardio in the form of walk or bike.

“At the beginning and at the end of training press, special exercises without twisting (craney), – added the actress. – Another day – hands with small weights plus cardio and press as usual. In all exercises the maximum use of core muscles. Be sure to exercise on the stability and coordination. Personally, I wish start every morning with a vacuum, planks and push-UPS”.

The first three days after birth Savicheva wore the brace, gradually reducing the use of a support belt up to 4-5 hours a day. “The muscles themselves have to go to work, feeling sorry for yourself is impossible. And of course, the most healthy food”, she said.

Earlier Yulia Savicheva revealed the secret of his diet. The actress prefers to stick to a balanced diet. The singer refused from sweet and starchy foods. The main elements of the Julia diet – chicken, fish, eggs, meat without sauces, oils and butter, vegetables (except potatoes and beet), side dishes. Savicheva eat almost all fruit, except bananas, persimmons and grapes, and also does not limit itself to milk products with a fat content not exceeding 1,5%.