Адвокат семьи Фриске: «Деньги со счета певицы снимала некая Жанна Шепелева» It is known that when the actress was sick and was in critical condition, she was granted a civilian spouse. At the disposal of “StarHit” was the document under which withdrawals from the accounts of stars produced Shepelev under a false name.

      Адвокат семьи Фриске: «Деньги со счета певицы снимала некая Жанна Шепелева»

      TV presenter Dmitry Shepelev was Zhanna Friske in the company of her illness. After the deterioration of singer’s common-law spouse was able to fully dispose of the funds from her accounts, as it was executed the power of attorney. According to the statement provided by the lawyer of the family of deceased artist Sergey Storm, in the fall of 2013 transactions from the account began to be a man by the name of Jeanne Shepeleva. Surprising is the fact that these changes happened in just one day: first, funds from the account were filming Zhanna Friske, and then a kind of Jeanne Shepeleva.

      It is known that the singer has not changed the last name Friske. A lawyer who collects documents, claims that by deception Dmitry began to withdraw funds from the account of the star in one of the Moscow banks. The amounts shown in the statement was aimed at the treatment of Joan, and the purchase of all necessary to their son who was born in April 2013. Since that time, the family was abroad, also in parallel there money conversion dollar.

      If the judiciary will be able to prove the fact that Dmitry had forged certain documents in the name of Jeanne Shepelev, he faces an article for fraud. As repeatedly stated family Friske, civilian spouse singer could usurp several million dollars to invest in purchasing property in the suburbs. Father Friske Vladimir believes that the husband of his daughter could make a sick woman to sign various documents, according to which he was entitled to dispose of the money.

      Vladimir Friske: “Joan had signed all the papers to Dima under morphine”

      “Our lawyers believe that the power of attorney of Joan on the right of disposal of its funds, issued by Dmitry Shepelev – fake – said the “StarHit” Vladimir Borisovich. They even found the man who it was. The fact that I myself am not a lawyer, the intricacies do not understand. Received the documents for the inheritance, so they started to check when and what is purchased. For example, a house in the suburbs Dima bought when she was already sick. Jeanne had to be treated, and he was engaged in real estate. Daughter was under morphine, was administered daily for 3-4 times. Jeanne was almost unconscious and could barely see. In that state, apparently signed the documents. Soon we will deal with all the papers. The innocence of my wife to the history of money has been proven.”