Марат Башаров заговорил о закулисье «Битвы экстрасенсов» The show’s host told the facts, unknown to the audience. Marat Basharov admitted that the participants of the show are often surprised by it. The actor told that tired of the endless questions about the veracity of everything that happens on the screen.

      Marat Basharov appeared as the host of the popular program “the Battle of psychics” in the eighth season. The famous actor is familiar with all the backstage “kitchen” TV show. The actor talks about how his constantly asking about the participants of “Battle of psychics” and trying to ferret out any secret details of the program. Over seven years of work, Marat saw numerous witches, sorcerers and mediums who tried to impress not only the large audience, but a camera crew.

      “Surprise almost everyone. Unfortunately, it is not always a manifestation of psychic abilities. Last season was very surprised by two characters — a mother and daughter. No one test is normally not done, and in the end blamed me that I disturb them and that brought the mother to the Ambulance. Such people need to drive the filthy broom not only from “the battle of psychics”, but with the television. Viewers, please don’t go to their receptions, do not pay them money. It quacks,” – shared his observations Basharov.

      Now in the middle of the 17 th season of the acclaimed TV show. Viewers with a genuine interest to see how mages are a difficult test and reveal the secrets of some of the characters of the show. Some experts remain under such a strong impression that trying in private conversation to talk to a psychic.

      Also Marat admits that he could not avoid the many questions about the powers that show witches and wizards in the program. TV presenter admits that has tired to convince those interested in the veracity of the show. That is why Basharov advises the audience to draw conclusions from what they see in the program. Sergei Safronov revealed shocking details of the “Battle of psychics”

      “If the day does not fit ten people with the question: “Marat, tell me, please, in the “Battle of psychics” all true?” the day has been for nothing. Bored reply. Watch the program and draw your own conclusions. If you think that tears of happiness or bitterness that poured on the program, fake, switch the TV to another program. Look at the news. Probably, they will tell you the truth,” reacted the actor in an interview with newspaper “TV Program”.