Хаос, переодевания и драки: шокирующие подробности семейной жизни Джоли и Питта The world’s media discuss what led to the divorce of a Hollywood couple. According to the American tabloids, the police opened against brad pitt the case of cruel treatment of children. In addition, surrounded by stars talking about the many internal problems in the well-known family.

      Хаос, переодевания и драки: шокирующие подробности семейной жизни Джоли и Питта

      Angelina Jolie and brad pitt chakravala the whole world by announcing this week about the divorce. The parents of six children, who were called the most beautiful and harmonious couple in Hollywood, no longer hide that their family life occur “irreconcilable differences”. That is the reason for divorce was called in the official statement, the attorney Jolie. However, what is behind these words, know only relatives of the environment pairs. However, some of them are quite talkative and open to journalists the veil of secrecy over family “Brangelina”.

      The reason for the divorce, Jolie and pitt referred to as French actress

      According to the portal TMZ, at the moment, the star couple is not only engaged in bureaucratic matters related to the divorce and the custody of six kids, but also gives testimony at a police station Los Angeles. Sources in law enforcement bodies of the city told the newspaper that brad was arrested on charges of beating their children. The conflict allegedly occurred in front of his mother on the plane on the way home.

      Official confirmation of this information yet, but close to pitt and Jolie-makers say that the actress has long been at odds with her husband in the methods of upbringing of the heirs. “She asks to leave her right on the contents of six children and asked the judge to give pitt the right to visit. She wants to leave brad’s only legal rights” – say, surrounded by stars.

      Хаос, переодевания и драки: шокирующие подробности семейной жизни Джоли и Питта

      Recall, the couple has three adopted children – 15-year-old Maddox, 12-year-old pax, and 11-year-old Zahara – and three biological – 10-year-old Shiloh Nouvel and the twins Knox and Vivienne, aged eight.

      Like any large family, Jolie and pitt have many challenges associated with heirs. So, their house is constant chaos. By the way, in one interview brad gave quite a romantic description of his family life.

      Children of Jolie and pitt have called the police and the helicopter

      “When all around is peace and quiet, I’m starting to miss the mess. When I at some point begin to breathe deeply and find peace, you think to yourself: “Well, finally!” But after half an hour I’m starting something not to miss and I know what is chaos. I like children romp, the constant running to and fro, shouting, fighting. Like, when one of the guys ran right into the wall, or yelling, “Daddy-Ah!” For me it means that life goes on,” admitted the proud father in an interview with reporters.

      Хаос, переодевания и драки: шокирующие подробности семейной жизни Джоли и Питта

      However, former assistant around the house, which at one time hired Hollywood stars, is not as positive in their assessments of what is happening. For example, one of the nannies told me that she worked without rest and weekends. The woman complained that because of the constant flights from the Jolie-pitt kids absolutely downed mode. They can stay awake all night to watch cartoons and kid’s stuff. In addition, due to frequent travel and irregular schedule and the parents do not encourage children to get used to the routine.

      “Brad can suddenly appear and decide to drive with kids in the pizzeria. He takes them for the whole day, completely cancelling all their scheduled on the day of the case. And once he did the night he led the twins to eat ice cream” – quoted one of the aides family Daily mail.
      Хаос, переодевания и драки: шокирующие подробности семейной жизни Джоли и Питта

      Close to a couple complain that the kids of Hollywood actors is not entirely socialized. Basically they communicate in a close circle of the family, and when you find yourself in the company of peers, acting shy and uncommunicative. But at home, Jolie and pitt undergoing continuous fights between the older boys, who allegedly quite hostile to each other.

      In addition, the middle daughter of Hollywood stars Shiloh Nouvel recently said he wants to change sex. 10-year-old girl is not the first year is dressed in clothes for boys and makes a short cut. Moreover, the girl came up with the pseudonym “John” and asks to call his family. Many fans of the couple blame angelina and brad’s excessive freedom of choice that they give their children. However, the spouses do not intend to force daughter to look like a girl if she doesn’t want.

      The daughter of Angelina Jolie made men’s haircut

      “Brad and Angelina were loving parents, but they were told by psychologists that their children could use some discipline. The family is absolutely prohibited strict methods of punishment and the children don’t know that there is a word “no”. They didn’t even have to make the bed or clean up after themselves in the room,” shared a friend of the star portal “Radar Online”.

      Analyzing the situation in the family of Jolie and pitt, sexologist Diehl Enikeeva came to the conclusion that divorce was inevitable. “I think it can be called “syndrome MIA Farrow”. Remember, there is such a large Hollywood actress, she is now 71 years old. Not only did she give birth herself, but adopt children from other countries. Her personal life is not happy. Second husband of the star, directed by woody Allen, eventually entered into a romantic relationship with one of the adopted daughters of the actress and then married her. In the case of Jolie, we also see the desire to raise their foster children. As a child, her psyche was traumatized by the divorce of his parents, so now that whatever was needed was the appearance of a large and happy family. No wonder the marriage was a failure. Most likely, brad pitt just broke down and ran away, which, however, does him honor,” said “StarHit” Dilya Enikeeva.