Семья Юли Ковальчук и Алексея Чумакова стала больше на одного мужчину The star couple got another pet. Apparently, it gave Alexei Chumakov’s birthday – the singer recently celebrated its 35th anniversary.

      Семья Юли Ковальчук и Алексея Чумакова стала больше на одного мужчину

      While fans of Julia Kovalchuk and Alexei Chumakov waiting the appearance of the young couple children of the stars is becoming more allowed. Julia recently shared with fans a touching snapshot of a spouse with a tiny Chihuahua puppy. In this photo Chumakov looks at peace and happy. “Real men miesnia arms! Now there are five of us: four men and me. The Kingdom of men…”, – said Kovalchuk.

      Fans of the stars pricked the publication of Julia. “How like!”, “Mils”, “Some sweets”, “Photo crazy sweet, it must be put in a frame and hang on the wall” they wrote. Someone started to worry as took a new member of the pack other dogs Chumakov and Kovalchuk. “As it named a new pet? As Ricky and Teddy met him?”, – wrote one of podpiski singer.

      Recall that the first Yulia and Alexei appeared dog breed Jack Russell Terrier. His name is Ricardo, but the couple prefers to reduce the dog’s name to “Rico”. Later Julia confessed that she and her husband were a little overextended, having got such an animal. It was too active and violent, real Jack the Ripper in miniature. Rico were biting everything he saw. So the stars had the night to lock up a Terrier in the cage. At some point they even asked the dog handler to help to raise such a disobedient dog. However, his leprosy went away with age – a few years later, Rico became more calm.

      Second pet Kovalchuk and Chumakov became the Labrador Theodore, aka Teddy. Husband gave it to Julia on the 8th of March. “I received the most welcome gift from the man she loved. It was a childhood dream… To tears” – expressed their emotions Kovalchuk in social networks. Compared with Rico Teddy was not a dog, and a dream. Calm and docile, he does not cause any problems to their owners. Sometimes Julia even compares it to the man.

      With regard to the relationship Rico and Teddy, the first dog each other dislike. Only after some time, they ceased to be at enmity, but the spirit of rivalry between the dogs is maintained. Kovalchuk told reporters that the Terrier and the Labrador them jealous with Alex to each other, can compete for affection.

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