Элина Камирен стремительно теряет вес Ex-participant of “House-2” again complains of problems with health. A young woman recently poisoned and as a result, lost two pounds.

      Элина Камирен стремительно теряет вес

      It all started with the fact that after social events star of the reality show became very ill. At this point, she was at home with her little daughter Sasha. “It’s hard to tell what’s going on with my body. Severe poisoning, the temperature and it seems that something with the kidneys… so Bad that I didn’t sleep, hurt all… not to call an Ambulance, I’m the baby. Nothing helps, neither coal, nor water, nor other medicines that take in case of poisoning. 10 hours lost and can’t get up,” complained the young woman, at the same time announcing that cancels everything.

      However, a day later, after she could not get out of bed and call an ambulance, she then plunged. It again can be seen on one of the capital’s fashion weeks. Despite feeling unwell, she went to business meetings, screenings of new collections of designers and other important activities. According to Elina, she is still weak and she lost a few pounds. “In my life many things happen, and miracles, and failures, but I’m definitely going to go forward. If I fall, I rise with my head proud, I believe in miracles and achieve new goals,” she wrote in her blog.

      Members of Kamiren praised her for her courage and fortitude. “We should all learn from such a life force and confidence!”, “Cool”, “Such as Elina, a very little,” “and Straightforward with rod”, “well Done!”, “I believe in you, keep it up”, – admired action stars of the reality fans and I wish her well.

      Recall, this is not the first time the young woman doesn’t feel well. Not so long ago, in January, Elina, Kamiren was urgently hospitalized in connection with pain in the region of the stomach. The doctors suspected pancreatitis. The incident occurred in his home for TV star Tyumen. The clock was past midnight, the ambulance came immediately. Then Elina very scared and was already beginning to lose consciousness and could scarcely keep from pain and fever when he came for medical care. “For the first time in a long time felt helpless,” shared the TV star.

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