ISAs Dolmatov parted with her beloved husband

Айза Долматов рассталась с любимым мужем Dmitry Anokhin refused to fly with his wife to Moscow. Spouse ISA Dolmatova remained in Bali to wait for the waves, because it can not deny myself the pleasure to engage in a favorite surfing.

      Айза Долматов рассталась с любимым мужем

      ISA Dolmatova, which is not the first month enjoying life on a snow-white Villa in Bali, where he went to live with her second husband Dmitry Anokhin and his son Sam from his marriage with rapper Guf, decided to come in cold Moscow.

      However, for this trip she would have to leave her husband. The pair will be reunited for only a week, and all the time in Bali Dmitry will do his favorite thing – surfing. About the upcoming separation and the reason Anokhin will not be able to go to Moscow together with his beloved wife, ISA Dolmatova told in the microblog. “Today Sam fly to Moscow, and Dima will arrive in a week. As to the coast of Indonesia have been reduced (wave comes, this time of year they are few) to miss them and he can’t!”, – wrote a celebrity.

      Apparently, the ISA, the choice of a husband doesn’t bother, and she understood and respected his passion, giving wife full freedom. Needless to say, Dolmatova behaves like a wise woman. She was able to see the advantages in separation from Dmitry Anokhin, though, according to her, she doesn’t like to part with it for a long time.

      “He’s out with Sam’s best friend, continues his post ISA. – But we both use the time to benefit. He will ride from morning till night, and I’ll follow up with the salons, will lead their appearance in order and I will wait for him.”

      It should be noted that subscribers ISA Dolmatova, which follow her life in the microblog, you know that in its relations with Dmitry Anokhin, there is complete harmony. By the way, ISA after marriage took her husband’s surname and became Anokhina. For fans of the stars it is obvious that in the recently filmed in Bali, the home of ex-wife Gufa happy with the beloved man, who very quickly got along with her young son Sam.

      ISA even thinking about how to give birth to a child her husband, who has never been a father. A young woman dreams that it was a girl. Not so long ago his thoughts about the addition to the family Dolmatova shared with the fans. Not so long ago she published in Instagram photo of unknown girls, pointedly signing it: “someday I will have a daughter. And I’ll dream, that she was a dancer”.

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