В семье Анны Снаткиной случилось горе
Actress mourns the departure of a loved one.

Anna Snatkina

Photo: @ Instagram snatkina_anna Anna Snatkina

Anna Snatkina shared grief: she had lost the native person. The sudden death of uncle shocked the actress and her entire family. The actress shared personal experiences with fans. Sorry, Anna in the circumstances not able to say goodbye to a loved relative, who also was her godfather. Snatkina turned to friends asking for support in this difficult period members of her family.

“I bid you farewell. My favorite, my mother, the kindest, most modest, best uncle, my uncle Sasha, my beloved godfather. I’m sorry, I can’t say goodbye, because they are very far away. I’m sorry I didn’t save, sorry I did not save. Sorry, sorry, sorry. I can’t write, because choking on tears. Not believe! Not want! Can’t believe it! I ask all my relatives, who is now in Russia, to support my father, mother, sisters and aunt, a great aunt Nadia. I say goodbye to you forever, — wrote Anna. — You’ll always be in my heart in the same wise and quiet as the ocean and the same warm and bright as the sun…”Fans expressed their condolences to the actress.

A few days ago, Anna flew to the United States for training. Snatkina said that once again became a student, but what kind of University did not elaborate. It turned out that the ocean prevented Anne to return to Russia for the funeral of beloved uncle.