The wife of Dmitry Malikov shocked by the events after the birth of her son

Жена Дмитрия Маликова потрясена событиями после рождения сына
Elena explained why he intended to hide the appearance in the family of another child.

Жена Дмитрия Маликова потрясена событиями после рождения сына

The appearance in the life of Dmitry Malikov son is already a week remains the most discussed news in social circles. January 24, the singer and his wife Jelena have become parents for the second time. It has become known only after a couple of days. However, the star couple, as it turned out, does not plan to inform the public about the great event. Especially for this Malinovyi were chosen clinic in St. Petersburg, where they provided comfortable birth to a surrogate mother. But there it was. Someone from the hospital staff, as suggested by Elena, leaked the sensational news in the press. This act shook Malikov, who was not prepared for the fact that the family secret will become public.

Malikov has complained that now she “terminated” the phone, the TV people, offering to participate in talk show, which she flatly refuses. The fact that she did not want to divulge details of the birth of a son. Dmitry’s wife did not disclose neither the weight nor the growth of the newborn, insisting that “happiness loves silence”. Judging by the story of Elena, the secrecy associated largely with the fact that the appearance of the boy in the family was accompanied by serious challenges.

The son of Dmitry Malikov made the first long trip

“We are in the hospital trying to be incognito, so no one could see us, but some of the staff still recognized us… We began the “fun” life. We don’t want publicity: this long-awaited child, which was really quite long and difficult. Idle to talk about him so have no desire to. I can only say that even with the tremendous progress in medicine, the sex of the child in the process of conception is impossible to predict. But Dima is very long, many years, wanted a boy — and that God heard his prayers!”— said Elena Woman sDay.