В семье Кардашьян новая беременность

The Kardashians and so filled all news sources. Numerous members of this clan do high, every day their activity was discussed with their fans and detractors. Today, the Western media again informed us about this family. This time the news is quite pleasant and joyful. At least, for themselves Kardashian.

One of the sisters of the clan is pregnant again.

When we say “again”, so then themselves disappear has never given birth to Chloe, Kendall and Kylie. Guess on the two Kim and Kourtney.

As Kim said earlier, that the bear is not going, and some health problems it, most likely, will not allow this to be done. the winner goes to Courtney.

Yes, Yes! Secular chroniclers have concluded that the eldest of the sisters Kardashian prepares for the birth of her fourth child, fathered by her lover and the father of all the previous children Scott Disick.

Yet from Courtney, official confirmation of this fact have been reported, but observers and those close to the family informants believe that the Court in the position. “How else can one explain the fact that Scott and Courtney have been spending so much time?” — asking Internet users.

By the way, children Courtney gives birth to not just. Close friend mother says that due to the large number of heirs, Courtney hopes to grab a part of the “Kardashian Empire”, which has supposedly bequeathed to Kim and her children.

So the task…