Сара Джессика Паркер выпустит коллекцию маленьких черных платьев

The best-known character Actresses Sarah Jessica Parker , the writer Carrie Bradshaw secured the artist the title of style icon. During the filming of the six seasons of the series and two feature films, Sarah so imbued with fashionable things that she decided to create the karst for women. Parker have created a collection of footwear and apparel for fashion brands and even launched his own brand under the name now and will present a collection of little black dresses that should be in every woman’s wardrobe.

On his page in the social network, Sarah announced the launch of the SJP collection LBD little video for the filming of which she tried on the outfit of the brand.
“Well, guys. I have long teased the release of the new collection, and it’s time to reveal the card. Soon we will release a collection of little black dresses, the design of which I made up. and that was in Soedinennyh States of America. In October of this year the first samples will be available at Bloomingdale’s. Including this dress, which is now on me. I almost don’t shoot,” said Parker.