Виола Дэвис снимется в феминистском фильме от режиссера «12 лет рабства»

The star of the series “How to get away with murder” viola Davis is preparing for a new full-scale project.

The actress joined the caste of the new film by Steve McQueen (“12 years of slavery”) and will play a major role in it. Viola will take on the screens the image of the leader of the women who lost their husbands.

It is known that the inspiration for this story, its creators have gained in popular in the 1980s British TV series “Widows”, who in 2002 was modernized and adapted for the US audience.

The story begins with the fact that three armed men crash during an organized robbery. The attackers killed. Grieving widow decides to get revenge on whoever did it and bring the matter to their husbands till the end. But they still do not believe that the robbery was planned with the participation of four men. Most likely, at the hands of the fourth and killed the rest.

The author of the script will be the Creator of the “gone girl” (Rosamund pine and Ben Affleck”), Gillian Flynn. For the Steve McQueen this project will be the first, after 2013, he presented “12 years of slavery” and received for it “Oscar” in the category “Best film”.