В семье Дженнифер Энистон случилось страшное горе
Hollywood actress announced the sad news.

В семье Дженнифер Энистон случилось страшное горе

Jennifer Aniston

Photo: ZumaTASS

Nancy Dou

Photo: ZumaTASS

Family Jennifer Aniston
shocked sad news. As it became known, yesterday the actress lost her
79-year-old mother Nancy Dow, who died after a long illness. Have
they were very uneasy relationship — the last few years, they almost not
communicated. Jennifer and her mother were in a serious quarrel since 1996. And here
recently aniston, who probably foresaw the demise Nancy,
for the first time in many years came to her to put up, but by the time DOE was no longer
able to speak…

According to Jennifer,
the conflict in the family was triggered by her mother, who since childhood tough
criticized his own daughter. And Nancy was released in 1999, the book entitled “From
the mother and daughter to friends: a Memoir”, where aniston was not set in the
the best light, only added fuel to the fire. Ever since Hollywood actress
almost stopped contact with my mother — Jennifer had to pay bills, Dou,
but the conversation was kept to a minimum. Nancy was not invited to any
two weddings aniston, moreover, she didn’t even know her current spouse
daughter Justin Theroux.

Even when in 2012
Nancy had a heart attack, aniston was limited to only a few dry
phone calls. She’s had at the hospital, where he was
hospitalized her mother, nor at her home after discharge. Neighbors DOE say,
over the last twenty years have seen the star of the series “Friends” visiting mom
only a few times, one of which happened a couple of days ago.

It is not excluded that
Jennifer came to the mother precisely in order to lift the heavy chest before nursing mom’s life. But, unfortunately, it was too late. 47-year-old actress caught Nancy
in that condition, when that he could neither speak nor move. Unknown,
did DOE before death to make peace with her daughter, but as she said aniston,
Nancy peacefully passed away surrounded by friends and loved ones.”

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