Денис Косяков собирается подать в суд на социальную сеть
The actor angered that his rights are constantly violated.

Denis Kosyakov

Photo: Instagram

Star of TV series “the Island” Denis Kosyakov in
rage. And all because of the fact that according to him one of the most popular social
networking permanently removes the video, where the actor sings the rap. Artist can understand, because
the video is quite innocuous and does not violate any rules.

“Dear! — wrote in
his microblog Denis. — Well, it’s just disgusting. I write here, because my other
treatment you already ignored. You persistently delete my video, sending
I unsubscribe that they allegedly violate the “community rules” that
it is a lie. The only adequate explanation for your actions is the
what do you delete videos taken with your competitor’s masquerade. But it
so flagrant a violation of my rights that I am ready because of this minor
the incident to go to trial. I demand to stop illegal removal of my
videos, and are good, it would be nice to hear an apology from your
side. PS Imagine the biggest piece of sarcasm, which can pull your
imagination (rather meager, judging by your logo) and apply it to the word
“dear” in the beginning of the text. Thank you.”

The video immediately
returned. However, not all subscribers Kosyakova supported artist.

“Denis, they always remove the videos unfunny,” wrote
alone. Other fans supported Kosyakova and even specified the reason why removed
video of the actor. He pointed out, if you are going to sue.

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