Вражде семейства Бейонcе и Ким Кардашьян пришел конец

The feud in show business is not always easy. Two influential families, the heads of which are Kanye West and Gazi the last two years, well, I really didn’t get along. This animosity a story that seems to have ended on the most positive note! First be reconciled decided Kanye and have reported it all over instagram.

Kanye in instagram posted a picture of Beyonce embracing Gazi and signed it: “Famleeeee (“Family”)”. Fans also noted that the picture of beyoncé sitting in the shoes from the collection Kanye West Yeezy.

Initially, Kanye and Jay-Z were friends. They met in the 90s at a recording Studio. In 2011, Kanye and Jay-Z recorded a joint track “Niggas in Paris”. The feud started in 2014 and plaiting her reality show “the Family Kardashian”. Family Jay-Z didn’t come to the wedding West, and not just. the fact that Beyonce is not madly loved Kim and her scandalous reputation. Moreover, she did not want to appear in the show.

Specifically, sparked the feud after two years, when there was a robbery of Kim in Paris. West took offense to Jay-Z, right during his concert he remembered old! He said that his children will never communicate with her daughter Jay-Z.

By the way, Kim is also well done…when Beyonce gave birth to twins, she posted in her instagram a photo of two puppies of the Spitz and asked to come up with their name. Then Jay-Z realized that the situation comes to a standstill, he went to the world. Last fall, in an interview with New York Times Magazine, said: “Kanye is my brother. Yes, we have a complicated relationship… Sometimes things happen that are unacceptable to me, but I really love him,” said Jay-Z.

Recall this has happened a reconciliation. The third child of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, which is 15 January, was born by a surrogate mother, is able to reconcile the parents with another celebrity couple — Beyonce and Jay-Z. In honor of the birth of the baby, the musicians gave her a diamond bracelet Lorraine Schwartz for 21 thousand dollars, on which is engraved the figure 3. Beyonce and Jay-Z took the first step to reconciliation. According to the insider, Kim and Kanye were in awe of such a valuable gift.

“Beyonce and Jay-Z are very happy for their friends. They can’t wait to meet the baby and has already sent her a gift. This means that they will again be friends,” says the insider.

“Kanye’s just on seventh heaven, because he had always considered Jay-Z his big brother, and Beyonce is a close and beloved friend.” quoted insider news portal Daily Mail.