Певица Марина Табри презентовала мистический  клип на песню Primal Wheel.
Marina Tabry continues to change the world for the better and her powerful track “Primal Wheel” the power of will and love of life embodied in the original video.

“Primal Wheel” is the first work of Marina, stylistically is the complete opposite of what she was doing previously. This is the title track of the singer over the past year, and 26 account for his entire career.

Marina herself, now, with confidence said that it was necessary to write 25 songs to be ready for the track. It’s emotional, it’s mystique ! And it’s rock! Not surprisingly, the filming of the clip lasted for 5 days and were associated with extreme conditions.

The track “Primal Wheel” will be included in the new album, but the release date and the name of the collection is not yet publicized.