The factory staged a pajama party

«Фабрика» устроила пижамную вечеринку
Before the International women’s day on 8 March, the soloist of the group threw a bachelorette party.

«Фабрика» устроила пижамную вечеринку

Sasha Popova, Alexander Savelyev and Irina Toneva

Photo: Philip Goncharov

Before the International women’s day on 8 March, the soloist of Alexandra Savelieva, Ira Toneva and Sasha had fun at the bachelorette party in honor of the arrival of spring.

On the eve of March 8 the soloist of group “Factory” gathered and arranged a bachelorette party because they are directly on international women’s day they have concerts. Here girls and decided to meet spring fun pajama party with sweets. “An excellent opportunity to relax at home, — said Irina Toneva. — Idea from time to time to arrange a hen I really like. After all, it’s not necessarily a pre-wedding tradition when the bride invites her friends to have fun. Call and beauty party where a beautician can share with your favourite clients of the subtleties of makeup, and stylist — the ability to choose fashion accessories. There are cooking parties, when the girls are together preparing a meal and, of course, parallel to the accumulated heart share experiences, discuss new music, favorite movies…”

For Sasha Savelyeva March 8, as it turned out, not so much women’s day with the obligatory bouquets and gifts as a celebration of the arrival of spring. “By the way, my husband (actor Kirill Safonov. — Approx. ed.) has long been announced for 8 March, the International men’s day…! — gave a family secret Sasha Saveliev. — Yes, this day I cook something delicious to pamper her husband. But on 9 March it’s a real women’s day: Cyril and preparing dinner all over me please”.

Irina Toneva March 8, likes to receive from their favorite flowers and gifts, and creativity. “I love when we go together to some interesting show or ride the roller coaster on the rings. Indeed, in early March, still cold and snow has not melted, — said Irina. — The feeling of spring coming to me even with the smell of Mimosa. Worth seeing on the street these yellowish, like chickens, lumps (because that’s seemingly not flowers is easier) — and immediately memories of childhood lay…”

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  • «Фабрика» устроила пижамную вечеринку
    Sasha Savelyeva

  • «Фабрика» устроила пижамную вечеринку
    Irina Toneva

  • «Фабрика» устроила пижамную вечеринку
    Alexander Popov

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