Olga Pogodina and Alexey Pimanov told about disagreements in the family

Ольга Погодина и Алексей Пиманов рассказали о разногласиях в семье
Actress and Director can’t be in the same room with each other.

Olga and her husband Alexey Pimanovym

Photo: Philip Goncharov

Olga Pogodina confesses that they with Alexey Pimanovym “kyosemi” standard will not name. When you live under the same roof two creative persons, but still used on the job command (Olga is not only an actress but also a producer, and Alex runs a TV channel, produces films and TV series, works as a Director and head of the program “Man and Law”) — expect trouble. On what soil to inflame conflicts in this family?

Olga says that she and her husband only two constant source of disagreement. First — what to watch on TV. “I love movies, programs about nature, about animals and absolutely detest politics, says Pogodin. — And Alex, for obvious reasons — for my work — needs to be aware of all the political news. As a result, we just disagree in different rooms so as not to interfere with each other. A second discrepancy is the temperature in the house. Alex loves the cold, all year round I would live with the window open. Well, if the snow was not for Windows, but right in the room, he would have enjoyed it very much. (Laughs.) More reasons for the disagreement we have. And disadvantages my husband is there: he’s a Saint. (Smiles.) But wait, he has one feature: Alex, sometimes going for a long time. Or I think so, because I’m going as a soldier for 45 seconds. Already did my face, got dressed, standing with a bag in his hand, and he ponders what costume to wear! But I have a drawback — I drink tea at night…”

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