Экс-жену Вадима Казаченко подозревают в тайной связи с 20-летним юношей Vitaly claims that it was from him Olga gave birth to a son. She being the wife of Vadim Kazachenko shocked by the appearance of a young man. She is sure that we are talking about provocations of the singer, who does not want to pay child support.
Экс-жену Вадима Казаченко подозревают в тайной связи с 20-летним юношей

In December last year it became known that Vadim Kazachenko really is father-year-old boy Philip, which gave birth to his ex-wife Olga. The DNA test was positive, and the singer was quick to assure fans that will pay alimony.

However, recently the regular meeting of the court, which appeared Vitaly. 20-year-old boy claims to be real father-year-old Philip. Representatives of the program “You wouldn’t believe!” was able to talk with the young man.

“Yes, I really am the father of a boy, but any questions regarding our relationship will not answer. Now investigative actions are conducted, and I have no right to disclose the facts,” said the young man.

The very same Olga believes that the young man specially hired Irina Amanti to delay the sentencing. According to a young woman, an ex-husband will not pay her alimony and willing to do anything to tarnish her reputation.

Olga reiterated that is not familiar with Vitaly and never seen. The young woman even decided to file a police report at the strange young man with whom she allegedly had an intimate relationship.

“Let this business do the law enforcement officials. Some completely inadequate young man says that we started four years ago. That is, he was only 16 years old! His glory is directly associated with the safety of my son, so I want the police to understand the situation”, – said Olga.

Fans of the young woman was puzzled because of the emergence of Vitali in their opinion, his statement is absolutely unfounded and have nothing to do with the real facts. “Genetic examination has established paternity Kozachenko. Where does this guy”, “I’m lost in this story. Like fatherhood, Vadim had proved, Once it is clear that this is a fake guy who was hired the other side” – opinions of fans of a young woman.

The Olga received contradictory information about the identity of Vitali. So, for some fans of the young women managed to find out that this young man is the illegitimate son of Irina Amanti. This ex-wife Kozachenko announced on Instagram. However, she is in no hurry to make any version about what is happening and hopes that the court will be able to figure out the scandal.