Справившись с болезнью, Николай Носков стал жертвой аферистов The Studio program “the Stars aligned” producers, composers questioned the relationship with the performers. The singers complain that the concert organizers, administrators often do not give them a fee. And the creators of the famous group, in turn, are suing the artists for the fact that they violate copyright.
Справившись с болезнью, Николай Носков стал жертвой аферистов

A friend of Nikolay Noskov, Igor Brusentsev told in the Studio talk show “the Stars aligned” that the actor after a serious illness fell into the wrong hands. Now copyright on songs of the musician belong to others. Now familiar Noskov and his wife Marina are trying to understand the complicated history.

Nicholas himself after a stroke recovering in the country, the artist does not communicate with the media. Colleagues of the singer want to organize a charity concert, and the proceeds transferred to his account. In August last year, the Socks on the official website left a message to fans: the actor thanked fans for their love.

“All of you, who were not alien to my problem, who was able to share what happened with me who care about my destiny as an artist! Thank you and kowtow for your letters, calls, responses and support! My condition after the disease is stabilized and becomes much better every day. I hope that your participation will be the impetus that will help me get over the disease much faster. Unfortunately, right now, at the time of disease, I learned that I have detractors and spiteful critics that bred gossip and tell lies in interviews. Yes, I’m still sick, but soon I will be completely healthy and ready to once again delight the audience with new songs that I have written and plan to record in the near future!” – said Nikolai.

Also in the Studio program came musician Edward Semenovich hanok. He can’t forgive Jadwiga Poplavskaya what she called his name when he performed favorite millions the song “Robin”. The composer intends to sue the artist.

Справившись с болезнью, Николай Носков стал жертвой аферистов“She and her husband Alexander Tikhanovich never announced me on stage! It is an insult, it’s rude. She has no right to open his mouth under my songs! They violated the right to a name. In addition to these people, everyone else will sing my song” – was categorical hanok.

It is worth noting that the wife Yadviga Poplavskaya was not about a year ago. Eduard Semenovich came to the memorial evening dedicated to the Tikhanovich. It was then that he decided to fight with the widow. According to the composer, he was a little hurt that the artists for several decades, performing his compositions, did not call its authorship.

“I have videos which prove that they did not call my name. What can I say?! No generosity towards these people I have. Don’t worry, my songs will live”, – said hanok…

Other stellar guests told stories from his career. Masha Rasputina said that acts only after receiving the entire fee. There were episodes when the actress even had to fight with the organizers of the concerts. Mary always triumphed.

Iosif Prigozhin said he was ready to cooperate only with his wife Valeria. According to the producer, to work with other artists is not profitable today. The Creator of the group “Prime Minister” Eugene Friedland also shared the sad experience with the performers. He said that could be much richer if former wards didn’t want a solo career. Eventually the band dissolved and both parties, producer and singers, lost a few million.

“It seems to me that the artist at some point, something happens to the head. Millions of dollars we’ve lost all together. Would have to live in the palaces…” – said Evgeny Fridlyand.