На Ксению Собчак совершили дерзкое нападение The candidate herself said about the incident. A young man pushed Ksenia Sobchak, and after its fall doused the young woman with liquid. She was quick to announce the incident to the police.
На Ксению Собчак совершили дерзкое нападение

Ksenia Sobchak once again appeared in the scandal center. After the celebration of the birthday of Mikhail Gorbachev at the young woman attacked. Unknown pounced on it at the exit of the Petrovsky Palace, which hosted the event. This candidate announced herself on the page in a social network. According to the presenter, the unknown poured over her strange liquid.

“Just attacked me. Pushed, I fell, spilled something, shouting “this is for Zhirinovsky” Called the police”, – said the presenter.

Later she reported that she had 40 minutes to wait for the police. While law enforcement officials went to the scene, Sobchak was trying to figure out the attacker’s name. In the end they turned out to be the assistant Chairman of the Moscow city Duma Alexey Shaposhnikov.

“Found out the attacker’s name is Alan Dzutsev. Someone knows? The police still had not arrived. We helped to detain the assailant bodyguard Gorbachev and the Palace,” – said Sobchak on Twitter.

Shaposhnikov himself has not commented on the incident. Apparently, Alan dzuceva act was a reaction to the recent scandal that broke out between Sobchak and Zhirinovsky.

During the debate, which took place on the TV channel “Russia-1” Vladimir Zhirinovsky allowed himself several times sharply and rudely to speak to the Ksenia Sobchak. Then the young woman poured the opponent with water, but this did not prevent him to utter several swear words.

After the incident at the debate Sobchak spoke frankly about the situation. She noted that no man has the right to insult a woman using such harsh words. “He’s being kept in any election of the President as detachments, who turns everything into a circus and ridiculous. Everything is very, very sad indeed”, was the opinion of Xenia.

Netizens were able to figure out that her attacker was personally acquainted with Vladimir Zhirinovsky. They even found photos of Alan dzuceva with the leader of the liberal democratic party. Once on the scene came the police, she wrote a statement to the originator of the scandalous situation.

Fans Sobchak hope that this story will not affect the decision of young women to participate in elections. Now she actively travels on the different political events. She all ways tries to defend their point of view, ignoring the sharp criticism from opponents.