Экс-жена Вадима Казаченко родила ребенка Olga for the first time became a mother. Now the former lover of singer nursed the baby and tries to abstract from all the troubles that occur in her life. Vadim Kazachenko is trying to prove that his marriage was a sham, and did not recognize the heir.

      Last year the wife stars of the 90s Vadim Kozachenko Olga came to the program “Let them talk”, to talk about that for a couple of years, she’s married to a famous artist. The husband preferred to hide from the General public wife, and then asked the court for recognition of his marriage is a sham. Moreover, he refused the child, whom Olga had to give birth soon. Vadim Kazachenko left a pregnant wife

      It became known that the ex-wife of Vadim Kazachenko I first became a mom. “StarHit” contacted attorney Kate Gordon, which represents the interests of Olga in court against Vadim Kazachenko.

      “As far as I know, the singer did nothing in the day when his wife gave birth to is not called and congratulated me. But staged vulgar, in my opinion, offer hands and hearts of its Director Irina Amanti. It seems to me that the man who does so, while his wife is in labor, not a very nice person”, – says Katya.

      Now Olga and Katya are waiting, when will come into force the decision of the court on cancellation of decision on recognition of marriage is a sham Vadim Kazachenko. Gordon explained that at the moment, the man really has a right to marry another. However, this will not relieve him of responsibility for the child in the future. Vadim Kazachenko is going to marry Irina Amanti

      “I would like to appeal to Vadim Kazachenko. Guys, let us all leave a shameful attempt to get married. Let’s not complicate the child’s life, which through the efforts of Kazachenko can get a dash in the column “father” in the birth certificate. Let’s just be happy a new life, especially because it is a great opportunity to make peace. You can still make a human being. I suggest to be glad that Vadim and Olga Kozachenko was born the child,” asked Gordon.

      Kate explained that Olga had 30 days from the date of birth for paperwork – there is a question about whose name is listed under “father”. However, the lawyer worried that Kazachenko may submit a complaint to the court to postpone the entry into force of the judgment. Marriage of Vadim Kazachenko validated

      According to Katya, Olga is now trying not to think about the possible troubles, and wholly absorbed by the cares of a newborn baby. She accepts congratulations with the advent of the firstborn.

      “Olga is now concentrated on the child like any normal mother. I think in her heart still a glimmer of hope that they with Vadim reconciled. In my opinion, Kazachenko behaves like something not human. I’m sure Olga will be glad to the desire of the father to communicate with the child. Her hand definitely will not be obstacles,” admitted Gordon “StarHit”.

      Kate Gordon also said that her client has nothing in mind to do a DNA test to prove paternity Kozachenko. Moreover, according to the owner of the legal company “Gordon and sons”, it will be additional proof that the marriage of Olga and Vadim were real.

      “We came to Andrei Malakhov and said they are willing to DNA test. If Vadim will make the examination in public in “Let them talk”, then Olga will have another trump card, that their marriage was not a sham,” – said Katya.