Julia Samoylova deprived of the opportunity to speak at the “Eurovision”

Юлию Самойлову лишили возможности выступить на «Евровидении» The singer will not be able to go to the contest in may. Julia Samoylova was preparing to represent our country in Kiev. For two weeks, constantly discussed whether there is a risk that the artist will be able to refuse to visit Ukraine.

      Юлию Самойлову лишили возможности выступить на «Евровидении»

      After 12 March, it was announced that the singer Yulia Samoilova will represent Russia at the international song contest “Eurovision” began on the various disputes about whether the artist to enter the territory of Ukraine. Now the representative of the SBU Elena Gitlyanskaya said that the party “factor a” will not be able to accept to speak at large-scale music competition, as she was denied entry into the country for three years. This is due to the fact that the singer acted on stage in the Crimea after joining the Peninsula to our state. Act artist of the Ukrainian authorities considered it a violation of the applicable in country legislation. That is, according to gitlyanskaya, was the reason for the decision on the ban on entry.

      Yulia Samoylova, as well as its representatives, to communicate with journalists did not. Probably in the near future the artist will speak on this topic. Employees of the First channel commented on the situation. “Even given the opportunity to look civilized in the Ukrainian side of common sense is not enough” – said the TV channel.

      It seems that this year the “Eurovision” will be particularly controversial. The stars of show-business and politics stood up for Julia Samoylova

      For a long time the public had to guess who would go to Kiev to present the honor of our country’s main musical contest of Europe. When it became known that the First channel is chosen for this important mission singer Yulia Samoylova, the society went down. As usual ordinary people, fans of the song contest, and representatives of show business has spoken out on the name of the star of the show “factor a”. Many felt the choice of the Directorate of the musical broadcasting of the main channel of the country is very reckless. While there were many people who stood up for Samoylova and wished her good luck in this difficult struggle for the victory in “Eurovision”.

      As reports “RIA news” a source in the Russian foreign Ministry termed Postanovlenie of Ukraine “cynical and inhuman”. Later first Deputy Chairman of the Federation Council Committee on defense and security Franz Klintsevich announced that Russia plans to boycott all of the following contests “Eurovision” in the case that the user of the match will not speak out in defense of Yulia Samoilova.