Бледанс требует объяснений от рэпера, обидевшего людей с синдромом Дауна The actress wants to speak to the musician. Before Natan released the video for “Smells like sex”, which featured the phrase “I’m down”. This proposal angered Bledans, as, according to her, the guy insulted a certain category of people.

      Бледанс требует объяснений от рэпера, обидевшего людей с синдромом Дауна

      Actress and TV presenter Evelina Bledans Seeds a son who was born with down syndrome. For example, the artist shows other parents that “special” children are no different from the others. According to star, sometimes adults have to give the kids a little more time to deal with them. Besides, Bledans believes that it is necessary to respect people with disabilities.

      In released yesterday the video for “Smells like sex” rapper Natan says the phrase “I’m down”, which, according to Bledans, very ill. In addition, the new provocative video of the artist was released on March 21, when celebrating the international day of person with down syndrome. “StarHit” got in touch with Evelyn and learned how she plans to deal with such rudeness on the part of the rapper.

      “People need to form. The boy sang, he didn’t know not to call people with disabilities people with disabilities, and those with down’s syndrome, downs. But he needs to know about it, and his audience too. I don’t want anyone to sue anyone to beat with rods. I want the young guys understand how we can say, and as it is impossible. The phrase “I’m down” – unpleasant, to say so is not good. When you’re off the stage, as an artist, public face, saying some words, it should be understood that it is possible to say, and what not,” said Evelyn

      According to the artist, she tries to set the men a good example. In all the talk shows Bledans tries to explain how we should treat people with disabilities. A woman is planning to personally meet with representatives of the label Black Star.

      “I really hope to talk with the contractor. We need to understand what he meant. Maybe he praised people with disabilities. I’d like to hear his comment on this topic, not just me. I speak not only from his Foundation of the “Syndrome of Love”, but all parents who have children born with this syndrome,” explained Bledans.

      By the way, this morning held a meeting in the Public chamber, dedicated to the development of the system of philanthropy and volunteerism in Russia. Bledans participated in the round table. The conference addressed the question of correct behavior in relation to people with disabilities. Singer Danko Irina Ortman also spoke on this topic.

      Natan later apologized for his sentence from a song. The contractor said that he did not want to offend anyone, and the release date of the clip accidentally coincided with the International day of a person with down syndrome. Also, the rapper thanked the fans who appreciated his work.