The ex-wife of Vadim Kazachenko for the first time became a mother

Экс-супруга Вадима Казаченко впервые стала мамой
Olga gave birth to a child on the day when Vadim made an offer to the other.

Olga Martynova

Photo: Instagram

The ex-wife of Vadim Kazachenko Olga Martynova became the first
mom. This she said on the social network page by posting
the photo where she has no belly. According to Kathy Gordon, that day,
when Olga gave birth to first child, Vadim made an offer hands and hearts its
Director Irina Amanti. It happened during the fashion show. Gordon angered
the behavior of the singer to the core.

Meanwhile, the lawyer Vadim Victoria Dergunova
exclusive comments explained that her client can now
to enter into a valid marriage, regardless of the court decision because of the so-called
the legal gap.

“Indeed, on March 10 held a hearing on
where the court has satisfied the statement of Olga Kazachenko for reconsideration of the decision on
annulment on again opened circumstances. However
The court ruling has not entered into force and the parties have 15 days on it
appeal. This means that at least until March 27, or in the case of an
complaints prior to the consideration by the Moscow city court, the court’s decision on the recognition of marriage
will be fictitious to act,” says Victoria.