Pregnant Anna Sedokova betrayed friend

Беременную Анну Седокову предала подруга
The singer was outraged by the attitude familiar to divorced women with children.

Anna Sedokova

Photo: Instagram

Anna Sedokova seriously upset her friend. About it
the singer told page in the social network. In recognition of the star, Anna recently found in an Interview article, she caused a storm of negative emotions.

“I read an article called “Why not to marry
on single mothers”. Hmm.. — thinks I am. Why? — says the singer. — I go.
Read. Such abominations I have not seen for a long time. The author in all colors describes
the entire unfitness of women with child, calls a “divorcee with trailer”,
in paints describes their inconsistency, fiercely hating absolutely everyone who
dare to create a new life and then just found the strength not to do
the happy couple and to disperse. I read and decided to see who agrees with this
text. Surprised incredibly. One of the girls who liked their post not so long ago in
the next hour telling me how she admires my life and, in General,
lifestyle mom who has raised children without a dad… I was probably slightly
busy and missed the moment when women are still without children began to hate
women with children! What’s that for news? I do not understand how women can
to perceive each other as rivals. Is fighting for the man forcing
us like this? We are all different, we all have completely different tastes and
the principles of life. Similarly men. Some like complexity, others
easier, while others love only themselves. But we’re women . We must bear in
it is a world of kindness and tenderness,
we need to heal, to care, to support, to care, to love. I know
life — a complicated thing, believe me. But let us not friend
other hate for it. Women need to stick together! This is our strength!”

Recall, after the divorce, Anna Sedokova found a new love.
Now the singer is expecting a child, the name of the father, which hides.