Экс-супруга Стаса Пьехи превратилась в куклу Барби Model Natalia Gorchakov has changed beyond recognition. Ex-fiancee Stas Pyekha has brightened your luxurious long hair and her skin had a Golden hue Hollywood after the summer holidays.

      Экс-супруга Стаса Пьехи превратилась в куклу Барби

      Model from St. Petersburg Natalia Gorchakov became a real star on Instagram after he has ceased to hide the relations with Stas Piekha. The fact that the actor keeps secret his personal life and publish the family photos in social networks. When the couple had a son, that Natalie first shared the baby with their followers. So many fans of the Stas subscribed and Gorchakov to know more about the life of a star family.

      Recently, the couple broke up. Peha and his wife no longer live together, but continue to communicate with my son Peter. Meanwhile, the life of Natalia have thousands of subscribers, many of whom simply did not recognize the last photo.

      The fact is that after breaking up with singer model has changed beyond recognition. Ex-wife Piekha went blonde and bought the Hollywood Golden tan after summer vacation. Fans compare Natalia with the legendary Barbie doll.

      “Beautiful girl, don’t drive me crazy”, “the Beauty, the dream of every man”, “Beautiful sexy beauty”, “crazy about one of your qualities, you never cease to amaze”, “Real Barbie”, – shared her emotions with friends and followers Gorchakova in Instagram.

      Recall when you became aware of the gap between отношениq Stas Piekha and his wife who now lives with his son in St. Petersburg, many criticized the singer. Social media users accused the actor that he left his wife and child. Angry Stas gave in his rather sharp reply to all the spiteful critics. He admitted that financially assists family and son.

      Stas Pieha told who he really is

      “Made a scapegoat! Long time did not respond, but broke countless direct insults. Direct overkill. Was love that led to son, we communicate daily, I fully support the wife with her son and grandmother (and many other family members). Yes, the relationship quickly exhausted itself, but friendship, gratitude and love for her son in the progression. Stop, fiends, why to sweep the wrong side of the street, do their own sidewalks. Sorry for the post, touched!”, – expressed Peha in his defense.