Борис Моисеев подаст в суд за клевету о своем здоровье The singer denied rumors that he had cancer. Earlier in the press appeared information that Boris Moiseev is seriously ill, had a brain tumor. The actor plans to attract publishing, disseminating false information liable.

      Last week fans of Boris Moiseev experienced a real shock: one of the Russian media reported that the singer discovered a brain tumor. It was reported that he is in critical condition and struggling for his life.”StarHit” contacted Boris Mikhailovich to find out how things really are.

      “This is bullshit! – said the singer. I don’t know where these rumors… Journalists who wrote it, the real bastards – why write such terrible things about a man, which, frankly, is not a perfect health. Fortunately, today I feel fine and do not give the reasons to your family, friends and fans to worry about my health”.

      The actor admitted that today is in Moscow, preparing for the shooting, which released one of the Federal channels. In his spare time, Boris is engaged in the promotion of health. The singer suffered a serious stroke in 2010 that forced him to completely revise the way of life. Daily artist dedicates at least an hour of Hiking – the assurance of his doctor, they are very useful. Also in the schedule of celebrities includes a swimming pool: the actor swims for an hour at least three times a week. AU pair artist cares to have on his Desk was always fish, fresh vegetables and fruits.

      Boris Moiseyev: “don’t pity me”

      “Preference for salmon on the grill,” says Boris. – Loved the steamed vegetables, porridge, dried fruits… Sometimes, of course, miss the skewer of pork, but health is more expensive minute gourmet”.

      Also in the day of Moses there are always calls his beloved Adele is an American business lady singer is in a relationship of 6 years. “She’s also outraged by the heresy, which they write about me, – confessed Moses. I told her and she replied that they have in the States is definitely sue. And I thought it was a good idea!” Today the artist is negotiating with counsel for the prosecution of the publication, wrote about his pseudo-illness.