Наталья Орейро поразила фигурой в прозрачном платье Argentine singer and actress appeared at the premiere in a daring outfit. Natalia Oreiro demonstrated form, which barely concealed the thin fabric of the dress. Fans were delighted from the appearance of the stars and gave her compliments.

      Not so long ago the star of the series “Wild angel” Natalia Oreiro has completed work on the film “Gilda. I don’t regret this love”. In Argentina the premiere will take place on September 15. As usual, the previews for the press and famous guests takes place before the movie’s release. Everyone eagerly awaited on the red carpet Oreiro, who played in the film the main role.

      Many fans were attracted to the look of Natalia. For publication she chose the transparent gray-blue dress. Outfit Oreiro did not hide the slender figure of the Latin American actress. Such a bold dress was able to appreciate the many fans of stars of the 90s. They raved about the appearance of the artist.

      “It’s an awesome image. All thin, elegant and the dress is so her!”, “Well you’re beautiful! So many years she still is my ideal!”, “Such a delicate dress!”, “No words! Very beautiful! The perfect”, – said fans of creativity of the singer and actress.

      Also a great gift for all fans of the famous Argentinian actress was the release of the new album of Natalia Oreiro. After 14-year hiatus in her singing career, she recorded songs that became soundtracks for the film. Those who closely follows the life of Natalia Oreiro remember that for the role in the movie “Gilda. I don’t regret this love” a few to change their appearance to achieve maximum similarity with her character. The actress cut a Bang, and fans were divided into two camps – those who supported the new image of a star and those who did not come to like her new hairstyle. A new image of Natalia Oreiro excited fans

      At the premiere of Oreiro was accompanied by her husband Ricardo Mollo. In the pictures, the pair looked very happy. Fans are happy that now the family of the famous artist’s making sense.

      “We’re not just husband and wife, but also comrades. He rejoices in my achievements and believes in me more than anyone else. This is important to me because although I am a confident woman, I’m pretty naive and often anxious because of everything. And Ricardo understands me so well that I sometimes wonder. Some things we are very different and others similar. He’s already found himself, and I’m still in the search process. Sometimes we have disagreements, but I think in most cases my fault, because there are boring!”, – Natalia about the relationship with her husband.