Дочь жены Аршавина произвела фурор в Сочи The famous soccer player together with his family arrived in the Olympic capital for the contest “New wave”. On the first day of autumn, Andrey Arshavin and his fiancee Alice Kazmina became husband and wife. Now they spend their honeymoon in the seaside town.

      Дочь жены Аршавина произвела фурор в Сочи

      The first of September, a famous footballer Andrei Arshavin married his fiancée Alice Catimini. “StarHit” first reported about the joyous changes in the life of a famous athlete and journalist. For Arshavin it is the first formal marriage. His girlfriend has two children – a son and a daughter. Andrey Arshavin married to a sweetheart

      After the wedding the happy couple went to honeymoon in Sochi, where at the moment there is a competition of young singers “New wave”. The family visited one of the main events in the musical world and visited the event as guests. In the audience they attracted everyone’s attention. The host of the evening Timur Rodrigez approached the places where sat the newly made wife of Arshavin. Charming daughter Alice hit the lens cameras. The girl was dressed in airy pink dress and listened with interest to what was said Timur. Inspired by mom was happy to see your child on television so much that they decided to publish the frame in his microblog.

      “The New Wave” in Sochi,” wrote the wife of Arshavin.
      Дочь жены Аршавина произвела фурор в Сочи

      Andrew was able to quickly find a common language with children of his lady. He rather spends a lot of time in the company of the heirs of the wife. Alice’s blog is full of images, in which all four of them having a good time.

      “Alice they affectionately called each other “my love”. She learned to cook his favorite dishes. He especially likes her pancakes and baked meat. Andrew gets on well with children of Alice. The boy has already been taught to play football, gave him the ball. The kids call him by his name,” said “StarHit” a close family friend of Arshavina Sergei. Interestingly, Andrey has three children of Yulia Baranovskaya, with whom he lived in a civil marriage some years.

      Soon the football star will become a father for the fourth time. For exclusive pictures from the wedding, which was at the disposal of “StarHit”, is clearly visible rounded tummy women. Supposedly, Alice is on her fifth month of pregnancy. Wife of Andrei Arshavin is expecting a baby

      According to rumors, Arshavin and Kazmin had planned to get married last year, but were forced to postpone the celebration in order to resolve all issues related to child support for his children from a previous relationship.