Андрей Гайдулян женится еще раз за границей The actor and his fiancee organize the ceremony in Italy. Lovers say to each other vows and enjoy being together. Signed Andrew Hagolan and Diana ochilova today in one of capital registry offices.

      Андрей Гайдулян женится еще раз за границей

      Having survived the crisis in relations, the star of “Univer” and his bride Diana ochilova finally got married. Today, they are legalized relationships in one of the salons of the capital and will soon be off to celebrate the happy event.

      “Married guys without witnesses – the two of us. No pathos, just jeans and t-shirts – says “StarHit” friend pairs spent Smirenko. – The official part will take place abroad, where the guys take out closest friends”.

      To organise a festival the couple started a few months ago, when Andrew returned from Germany, where he was treated for cancer. Dream Diana had to exchange rings on the beach, so they chose to betrothal a small town in Italy.

      “The marriage registration for Andrew and Diana will invite the actor to declare them husband and wife,” he Smirenko. – She’s a Muslim, he is Orthodox. Each of them will remain in their faith”.
      Андрей Гайдулян женится еще раз за границей

      Dresses the bride will have as many as three. First – for the ceremony – she sewed to order. Seeing in one of the directories in a pricey outfit, borrowed the idea and turned to the dressmaker. A white robe prepared for a few weeks, rasseva crystals and glass beads. The second dress made of fine chiffon bought in one known Moscow shops, and the third is comfortable for dancing – ordered online. The groom will be limited to black classic costume expensive Italian brand.

      “At the feast will reign very warm atmosphere,” he Smirenko. – Andrew and Diana say to each other words of love, voiced the vows that are pre-written. This is a very touching”.

      Young parents will not take with him. According to friends of the family, for them Hagolan and ochilova will arrange a separate event. Recall that Diana was there beside me the entire period of treatment and recovery. The pair had been through a lot together, and it certainly strengthened their relationship. Andrew Hagolan: the disease and latest news

      Андрей Гайдулян женится еще раз за границей