Экс-супруг Ирады Зейналовой высказался о ее предстоящей свадьбе Leading known is preparing to tie the knot with a colleague. Irada Zeynalov is married to a war correspondent Alexander Evstigneev. Former husband of the star Alexey Samoletov not sure I will be able to personally congratulate the wedding.

      Экс-супруг Ирады Зейналовой высказался о ее предстоящей свадьбе

      Irada Zeynalova preparing for the new season, where she may be headed by one of the shows of the First channel. In the “Sunday time” leading fans won’t see again, she left office in this program. Changes are coming not only in professional activities stars, but in her personal life.

      Irada Zeynalova preparing for the wedding with a colleague

      She married her long-time colleague Alexander Evstigneev. A man younger than his lady for a few years, however, the couple have a lot in common. Former husband of TV presenter Alexey Samoletov indifferent to the fact that soon it will bond a new bond of marriage. It is not excluded that he can’t even congratulate the ex-wife with a happy event in person.

      “We are all adults, each with its own independent life, – says Alexei. – I now drive from trip to trip, I have constant shooting, so I don’t even know if I’ll be in Moscow during her wedding. I have loads of things to work.”
      Экс-супруг Ирады Зейналовой высказался о ее предстоящей свадьбе

      By the way, the couple has a son Timur. The young man served in the army and studying at the prestigious Moscow University of international relations. In the future she plans to follow in the footsteps of their parents and become a journalist. Despite the divorce of his parents, he has a great relationship with mom and dad. Zeynalov with Samoletova too friendly.

      “We were in a normal relationship with Irada, our child also lives his life”, – said Alexey in an interview “Life.ru”.

      Interestingly, the Aircraft in the profession, as the new Deputy leading, is a war correspondent. He was among those who in 2004, during the capture of school in Beslan by Chechen terrorists have committed a heroic act.

      “Lesha him awarded an order and a medal, give an apartment, but that was then… And then I walked with him, trying to pull a loved one from that horrible condition, and she thought all: and what he is a hero, and how brave and wonderful man and that we are with this brave man for almost a year Dating, and he told me another sentence did,” recalled Irada in an interview about her ex-husband.

      Alexander Evstigneev during his career also visited many hot spots and in areas of natural disasters. So, in 2014, the war correspondent came under fire under Slavonic.