Alla Pugacheva returned to Russia

Алла Пугачева вернулась с детьми в Россию After summer vacation, the Diva went to the capital. Alla Pugacheva had a great time on vacation. In the Baltics, the legendary singer and attending social events, spending time with spouse and children Lisa and Harry.

      All summer Alla Pugacheva with her husband Maxim Galkin rented one of the most expensive mansions at the Baltic coast. The warmest time of the year, legendary singer and her small children Lisa and Harry held in Jurmala. In the first days of autumn Alla Borisovna with the whole family returned to Moscow.

      As you know, Pugacheva is afraid to fly on planes, so always tries to travel by train. This time was no exception. As it became known “StarHit”, the actress went home in a comfortable car.

      For three months, Alla Pugacheva and Maxim Galkin have dazzled all the inhabitants of jūrmala. Celebrity couple strolling along the picturesque quays and the streets of the Latvian cities and gladly took pictures with numerous fans.

      Maxima seen not just riding a bike, ” said “StarHit” Lana Kocher. – Stopped in the center, asked a photo for memory, and he hand shows: “I’m in a hurry, there’s my kids to go to them food!” Turn my head – really, a boy with a girl and two nannies from the Park “Legend” on the coast heading our way. But the we did, after which I invited Maxim to your optician promised to go, choose points”.

      Also Alla Pugacheva was a rich cultural program – she attended concerts and went after her husband to Vitebsk to support it. Many fans said that Alla was sitting in the audience and loving eyes looked at Galkina. She laughed at his jokes and singing along to the famous hits.

      The diva spent a lot of time together with the heirs – Lisa and Harry was playing on the Playground near the Villa where they lived all summer. “She played with kids, helped them to climb the hill, rode on a swing, – has shared with “StarHit” watching this picture of Anna Savkus. – Then the nurse came and four of them went home.”

      Alla Pugacheva and Maxim Galkin was vacationing often in the company of his friends. Igor Nikolaev and Julia Proskuryakova is also the hottest season of the year held in Jurmala. And the last day of summer and the prima Donna together with Laima Vaikule celebrated in karaoke club on the beach Dzintari. Alla Pugacheva and Laima Vaikule staged a summer party in Jurmala