Whatever celebrity status did not differ from the other one or the other celebrity, from relatives, capable to harm the reputation, no one is immune.

Unfortunately for Mariah Carey such a family member have it.

55-year-old Alison Carey was recently arrested for prostitution.

As stated by the chief of police, Joseph Sinatra, Alison not only admitted that he is a close relative of the famous singer, but also sold themselves in this regard more. In the announcement the sister of a celebrity was told that is “cute lady looking for a guy ready to have some fun with it and dive into the world of pleasure. “Maria takes care of all the members of his family, and what happened to her was a blow,” — said the representative of the singer.

But the older brother of sisters Carey does not believe the words environment and Mariah notes that throughout life, the only person which cared for the singer, she was herself. Supposedly, relatives of the star do not care in particular deserves her attention shiftless older cousin.

“Mariah gave money to a person who suffers from heroin addiction. Does this help her?”, — asks Morgan Cary.

By the way, brother and Mariah also did not communicate for several years, although he helped her in the beginning of her career, had made every effort as a producer to name the little sisters echoed all over the world.