Новая «бомба» Шнура опять порвала интернет

The video for the new song of the group “Leningrad” during the night gained 50 thousand YouTube views.

Yesterday on the official channel of the “Leningrad” in social networks we have presented a new clip “Boobs”. The video blew up the Internet, collecting per night over 50 thousand views, and now this figure has grown to almost 125 thousand

Do not be surprised: the plot of the clip and the truth will not leave anyone indifferent. The main character finds her boyfriend in bed with bolshegrudaya beauty, and since then, all her thoughts only about the fact that she has very small Breasts. For women with large forms she literally knife ready to throw. However, the obsession doesn’t stop her in the end to get the nice guy.

In small roles – some familiar faces from the previous creations of the “Leningrad”. Yuliya Topol’nitskiy, the star “Exhibit”, this time plays the pregnant girlfriend of the main character. Lit up in the frame and actors “In St. Petersburg to drink”: Manager, store, representative of the traffic police, guide and driver.

Appears in the video and… the President of Russia Vladimir Putin. However, only on television. He delivers a motivational phrase that makes a character go first in the gym and then to the beauty salon: “If we wait for miracles from a Golden fish, it may be, as in Pushkin’s fairy tale, the broken trough”.

Director of new clip Cord was Anna Parmas, who has made two previous clip of the “Leningrad”. By the way, “Exhibit” at the moment, scored 87 million hits, “In Peter drank nearly 19 million new tearjerker has all chances to set a new record.

Itself Cords, reading online responses to the new clip, shared on Insragram observation:

“I already wrote about suddenly occurred to the complexity of the female world and the men’s facilitation. What is surprising is that judging by the comments under the last clips, even the ability to laugh at themselves, without malice to react to something that doesn’t make any claims, but should be the only song with a moving picture, the ability of light perception of light genre, too, became predominantly female. Exaggerate and complicate, oddly enough, mostly men.

Well, it looks like the leader “Leningrad” has found a new appreciative audience. And we very much look forward to the new stories!

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