Ольга Шелест вернулась из продолжительного отпуска
The presenter along with his entire family arrived in Moscow.

Olga Shelest

Photo: Elena Sukhova

Ended family vacation Olga Shelest, which was so long that it seemed endless.TV presenter with her husband and two daughters returned to Moscow from France — they had been there a month. No sooner had the family to enjoy everyday in the home,
how come 1 September, and Muse went to kindergarten. The rustling picked up for
daughter quite simply a sundress that fit to wear to school. “In a new form and I want to go to school,” says the presenter. But while
in kindergarten”.

If the eldest daughter of the athletics in kindergarten, Junior — iris — only recently turned one, her birthday was celebrated there, in France. Iris, as expected, blew out the candle on the festive
the cake. However, to arrange this surprise turned out to be a daunting task.
Before Olga went shopping for candles in a unity, but in the next
stores, in an unfortunate coincidence, all the ones were sold out.
The presenter did not give up and finally found the coveted attribute of birthday.