The Venice film festival began with embarrassment

Кинофестиваль в Венеции начался с конфуза
Member of the jury was not kept on the red carpet.

Кинофестиваль в Венеции начался с конфуза

Jeremy Renner and Amy Adams

Photo: TASS

So-Ri Moon

Photo: TASS

This year the organizers of the prestigious international film festival in Venice,
opened on 31 August, decided
to abandon the lush glamorous reception, which, according to tradition, usually accompanied by
the beginning of the festival. This was done in deference to the memory of the victims of the recent
the earthquake in Italy. However, a necessary modesty not
forced the stars to abandon the bright toilets, which they prepared to Shine on the red carpet. This fully applies to the Korean
actress So-Ri moon, a member of the jury of one of the sections of the festival.

Moon chose an elegant emerald gown with slim skirt and long train and corresponding high heel shoes. It’s shoes let her down: one of the heels caught on the train, moon lost his balance and collapsed to his knees. From the fall face in the carpet moon saved two came to the rescue of a gentleman. But to purse their attention is not enough: falling, the actress has let go of the clutch embroidered with sequins.
Handbag from the blow opened and all its contents, including a bottle of unidentified
pills were scattered on the red carpet.

That same night happened
another awkward. Really concerned she is not a member of the jury, and actors
starring in the fantasy drama “the Arrival”. Jeremy Renner and Amy Adams, who came to Venice in the company of the film, surprised
the audience with his behavior on the red carpet. The fact that Jeremy and Amy behaved as if they are connected
romantic relationship. They literally don’t razikale hand, he had pulled her close, she hugged his shoulders. Moreover, as witnessed by the photographers, before the release
track Jeremy a couple of times gently kissed the actress on the cheek…

All this would not have been
nothing strange, if not for one detail: Amy is a married lady. Last year
she got married with actor Darren de Gallo, after nearly seven years
engagement. Darren and Amy raising her daughter Ariana, who is already 6 years old. And to
recently, everyone thought that Adams is quite happy with her husband. But
after the demonstration of tenderness that Amy and Jeremy gave each other
some suspected that they were doing it…

However, the most interesting — that is, the viewing of films in the competition is still ahead. Jury
the festival, which this year is headed by filmmaker Sam Mendes, will
to make a difficult choice from the many worthy paintings, as stated in
program. In this year’s competition
participate the work of many famous Directors WIM Wenders, Francois
Ozone, Emir Kusturica, Terrence Malick. High as the critics believe, the chances of
the victory of our compatriot Andrei Konchalovsky, who brought to Venice
his new film “Paradise.” The roles were played by Julia and Viktor Sukhorukov,
as well as German and French actors. Recall that in 2014, the year Konchalovsky
has already been awarded the “Silver lion” at the festival for the film “White nights postman
Alexei Trapezina”.