The ex-soloist of the Backstreet Boys nick Carter accused of rape

Экс-солиста Backstreet Boys Ника Картера обвинили в изнасиловании Former member of pop group Dream Melissa Schumann says that the perpetrator abused her. According to the actress and singer, it happened over a decade ago. The blonde said that Nick Carter was forced to join with him in an intimate relationship at the party.
Экс-солиста Backstreet Boys Ника Картера обвинили в изнасиловании

Singer and actress Melissa Schuman decided to go public. 33-year-old actress made the allegations against the former soloist of the Backstreet Boys nick Carter. The woman claims that a member of the popular boyband raped her 15 years ago. Then Schumann was 18, and her abuser – 22. According to Melissa, she was afraid to confront Carter as he “the most powerful lawyer in the country.” About Melissa said her Manager, Nils Larsen.

Экс-солиста Backstreet Boys Ника Картера обвинили в изнасиловании“He was right. I didn’t have money, clout or access to a lawyer, which would be powerful enough to resist the counsel of my abuser. I was told that I was rather down, accused of greed for glory, and will hurt my professional reputation. I focused on building a career, in parallel thinking that his actions did not affect my life and future,” the singer wrote in his blog.
Экс-солиста Backstreet Boys Ника Картера обвинили в изнасиловании

The first time Melissa talked to Nick on the phone. Then the artist seemed very nice and friendly. Record label Schumann told her that Carter is configured romantically.

Several years later, the singer was shot with the lead singer of Backstreet Boys in one movie. At that time Melissa was in a relationship, and Nick seemed to her a very pleasant young man. Carter invited Schumann to his home in Santa Monica to the party. She decided to agree and called a friend.

At some point Nick suggested Melissa to be alone in the office. Young men began to kiss. When Carter claims the woman decided to go further, she answered him with a refusal.

“He didn’t listen and didn’t care for it. He said, “don’t worry. I won’t tell anyone”. I felt scared and felt trapped. He seemed very angry and seemed to go somewhere. I couldn’t leave. He was stronger and older than me. (…) Then we moved to the bedroom. It was very late. He threw me on the bed and climbed on top. I told him I’m a virgin and saving myself for my future husband. I had to repeat this several times. He whispered in my ear: “I could be your husband.” He was adamant and refused to listen to me,” said Melissa.

After that night, Carter called Schumann a few times, but she hasn’t been in touch with him. Later Melissa tried to agree about cooperation with the music Manager nick. However, he said that he was not interested in working with the girl. Carter decided to end the career of the singer. “I felt tired and overwhelmed. I was in shock,” she recalls.

According to Schumann, she decided to break the silence and speak publicly about their experiences of the traumatic experience after he saw the recognition groupies raped by Carter. Social media users accused the fan of the artist in lying.

Экс-солиста Backstreet Boys Ника Картера обвинили в изнасиловании“Condemnation of the victim is the main reason why many prefer to remain silent. (…) But tell me, who the hell wants to be famous amid the scandal of rape? I never wanted this and wasn’t going to tell his story. I wanted to lock her in my mind, to my memories started to fade over time,” said Melissa.