Katy Perry twisted new novel

Кэти Перри закрутила новый роман
The singer has forgotten the old favorite.

Кэти Перри закрутила новый роман

Katy Perry


Abel Tesfay


Katy Perry
fell in love again! Recently, reporters managed to catch 33-year-old singer in
the restaurant Madeo in West Hollywood for a romantic dinner with
ex-boyfriend Selena Gomez — Abel Esteem acting under the pseudonym the Weeknd.

Paparazzi managed to follow the couple that spent in the restaurant more
three hours: at the end of the meal, they left the school together and went to
the car in an unknown direction.

restaurant claims Katie and Abel, even though they weren’t kissing or acting like a
lovers. They enthusiastically flirted and it seemed that nobody noticed
around. Incidentally, for the last time see them together, not for the first time. Recently
they partied together at a nightclub Delilah in California.

True, not the fact that the relationship Perry and Tesfay
can be considered “eksklyuzivnye”. After all, not so long ago, Abel was seen in the company
another beauty — model Bella Hadid, whom he had met earlier, before
his now ex-girlfriend Selena Gomez.

that Selena dumped Tesfay, it became known in early November. Although their romance
lasted less than a year, girlfriend Gomez were convinced that the singer is going for
marry him. She was so passionate about theater and even scored on
career to follow Thisteam during his concert tour. However,
once again she grew closer to her first love — Justin Bieber, Gomez made the decision
to part with Abel.