The ex-husband of Olga Buzova revealed unexpected details of the upcoming wedding

Экс-муж Ольги Бузовой раскрыл неожиданные подробности грядущей свадьбы
Dmitry Tarasov is not afraid of the treachery of the bride.

Dmitry Tarasov and Anastasia Kostenko

Photo: @tarasov23 Instagram Dmitriy Tarasov

With the divorce of Dmitry Tarasov and Olga Buzova it’s only been six months, and the player is preparing to again become a married man. The athlete made a surprising confession about the impending wedding of Anastasia Kostenko. The couple is now discussing details of the joint family life, including financial problems.

Tarasov on the eve in his microblog issued a statement: he does not intend to conclude with the 23-year-old model marriage contract! Fans Buzova was unpleasantly surprised by the decision of Dmitry. After all, Olga, with whom he lived for five years. after the divorce, left with nothing, taking her including expensive gifts. To conclude before the wedding a prenuptial agreement with the star of “House-2” football player, is rumored to have suggested his mother. As a result, after parting Buzova left without a car, apartment and luxury holiday homes…

It, meanwhile, now hosts Kostenko. She got the best part in building a house: creating interiors. Dmitry is willing to share the photos with Anastasia in the house, which began to build even with Buzova. “Just putting finishing touches on! Ordered the curtains in our house!” — he signed one of them.

These pictures, of course, cause severe irritation of fans Olga. Many of them are sure that the model uses football to get recognition. It is known that Kostenko is now studying at the faculty of journalism to become a TV star. Her dream: to have my own talk show.