Mariya Poroshina has told about the feelings to the Gosha Kutsenko

Мария Порошина рассказала о чувствах к Гоше Куценко
The actress admires the father of her daughter.

Gosha Kutsenko

Photo: freeze-frame of the program “Alone with all”

It’s hard to believe, but today Gosha Kutsenko celebrates 50th anniversary. On the occasion of the anniversary of the actor, his colleagues and friends said in the program “Alone with all” about his strengths. Friends of the artist believe that the secret of success lies among others in its extraordinary lightness of character. The same opinion is shared by Maria Poroshina, who, despite breaking up with him still maintains with Kutsenko warm relationship. Their communication is not only due to the fact that they share an adult daughter. Maria admires the response and your stories about him the envy of his closest friends.

“People who are friends with him: both women and men know about how he’s generous, kind and fair. It helps children and builds hospitals for their money. He took for this loans and it was difficult. But he wouldn’t talk about it… — said Mary. And I believe that it is worthy to say. He is an example for all my friends who are divorced. Say, “Well, gosh… It’s so lucky!” We are all very lucky that he is such a lovely and wonderful!”

Most of all, Maria is pleased that the response does not change. “He’s smart, wise and original. He very beautifully speaks and writes!” — praised Poroshina Kutsenko.

With the same warmth about the actor responds and daughter Maria and Gosha — 20-year-old Pauline. She confessed that she always feels a connection with Pope, no matter what the circumstances. And recently, she introduced him to her boyfriend. “It was a little awkward, but very warm!” — said Pauline.

Recall that in 2014, Gosha had a second daughter, who was named Eugenia. It Kutsenko now sees the meaning of his life: “She came into my life in salvation. It saves me from meaninglessness. She gives meaning to it all.”