Бывшая девушка Игоря Акинфеева мечтает его вернуть Valeria Yakunchikova still follows the success of the former chosen. Many girls don’t hold grudges on Igor Akinfeev and does not exclude that someday they can be together. Leroux does not confuse even the fact that now the shot is married.
Бывшая девушка Игоря Акинфеева мечтает его вернуть

In the past the matches of the Russian team at the world Cup, the 32-year-old has become a real star. The name of Igor shouted from the stands, devoted memes and almost every other compatriot promised to name his son in honor of the football player.

Even after the defeat of the Croatian team, Akinfeev remained a national hero. Every movement of the goalkeeper in defense of the gates, as it turned out, was watched not only by fans and the wife of the athlete, actress Catherine herun summarizes, but his former passion. How did you find the journalists, Valeria yakunchikovoy managed to maintain friendly relations with Akinfeev even after a breakup.

“It is not necessary to link our break-up with someone in third. Igor is not a womanizer and never have been. He is loyal and honest. It was by mutual consent. Time passed, and now it seems to me that even then fierce resentment I have for Igor was not. I generally try to live and nothing to regret. None of us knows what will happen next. In some circumstances, do not rule out that we will be together again. We maintained human relationships. Of course, I was at the match with Spain personally congratulated Igor and the team. After I slept hard. The thought of the work it was impossible to collect,” said Valeria.

Surrounded by girls rumor has it that she married the dancer Ilya Suhonosova, which has a daughter, in spite of Igor Akinfeev. And still dreams to one day reunite with the goalkeeper.

“I’m peaceful because I know that negative emotions tend to accumulate in certain parts of the body. Stress and jealousy – the shins hurt – throat, emotional burden – in the clavicle. Stretching helps relieve tension. As the yoga. But! I am totally against “self”! It can be dangerous. Only after a few lessons with an experienced coach, you can download sets of exercises and practice them at home,” – said Valery with the journalists of “Express newspaper”.

We will remind, Roman, Igor and Valeria at the time, made a lot of noise. With the granddaughter of a famous coach Valery Nepomnyashchy player started Dating in 2008, when Valerie was only 15 years old. The athlete promised to marry the girl once she reaches adulthood, but cherished suggestions Yakunchikova and have not waited – six years later, the couple broke up.