Ольга Рапунцель впервые показала трехмесячную дочь Olga Rapunzel came out of the daughter. She also voiced the baby name a girl called Vasilisa. Now fans are arguing about who’s more like the successor of the star couple of “House-2”.
Ольга Рапунцель впервые показала трехмесячную дочь

Olga Rapunzel and Dmitry Dmitrenko always seemed very open couple, ready all over the country to discuss the problems in the relationship. However, when it came to their newborn daughter, the couple showed a completely unexpected stealth. Within three months, the celebrity couple refused not only to show photographs of his daughter and even called her name.

A few days ago it was reported that the couple named the girl Vasilisa. Now Olga and Dmitry almost simultaneously delighted fans with photos of the baby.

“Meet my beloved daughter Vasilisa. Our Suddenly the magical flower. We love you very much”, — has signed a joint photo with the girl Olga.
Ольга Рапунцель впервые показала трехмесячную дочь

Dimitrenko is also quick to admit his daughter in love, noting that such a perfect girl could only dream of.

Fans were delighted from the long-awaited images of the three-month Vasilisa, because now they were able to start the eternal debate of who look like girl. Most fans of “House-2” have agreed in opinion that Vasilisa is more like a mother. The girl has the same expressive eyes.

Also, the followers began to assume, for whatever reason, Olga showed photographs of his daughter right now. This is most likely due to the fact that recently the baby baptized, and now parents can be quiet for her spiritual safety. Besides, the couple returned to “HOME-2” with my daughter, so, on to hide Vasilisa from the fans would be impossible.

Olga Rapunzel and Dmitry Dmitrenko daughter christened

Recall that six months ago the relationship Rapunzel and Dmitrenko was under great threat. The fact that Olga had accused her husband in the systematic beatings and betrayals. Shortly after the argument, the girl returned to the project, and after a couple of months came for her and Dimitri.

Joint preparation for childbirth helped the couple to solve all problems available in relations. Now Olga and Dmitry are doted in the newborn daughter, which, incidentally, is the firstborn for both of them.

One can only hope that the return of “HOUSE-2” will not affect the sentiments of the star couple. Fans are sure that she will be able less likely to offend her husband, Dmitri, in turn, will turn into a reliable breadwinner for the family.