The eldest son of Polina Dibrova have learned to cheat

Старший сын Полины Дибровой научился хитрить Sasha painted the walls of the house, and knocked at his younger brother Fedya. Polina Dibrova asked for advice from fans on how to bring the son to clean water. “The mother knows, whose antics. Waiting for your tips” – addressed to the subscribers of the spouse of known TV presenter Dmitry Dibrova.

      Старший сын Полины Дибровой научился хитрить

      Mother of three boys and the wife of the showman Dmitry Dibrova Polina Dibrova as her brave older guys, more often refers to podeschi microblog for advice.

      This time Polina had convened a kind of pedagogical Council in connection with the conduct of the eldest son Sasha. Six-year-old boy left home on the walls of their autographs, and not to be scolded, technically “translated arrows” on middle brother, a two year old Fedor. “Practically cave paintings found today on a white wall in the hallway. Boy Sasha says that drew the boy Fyodor, but the mother knows whose antics. And how to bring it to clean water? Waiting for your prompt” – showed paintings of the eldest son of Polina Dibrova in the microblog.

      Fans of the star immediately responded to her request and immediately rushed with the advice. “My sister says to the son: “and we have here hangs a video camera, now I’ll see who’s actually painted”. The son owns up”, “Tell me what Fyodor scolded, Sasha must confess. If he confessed, say that blame will not be”, “Tell me, what for such beauty supposed a gift. A true artist himself will break up this pattern. It mom painted! Praise and Express. Your house will come alive, and it’s cool!”, – try to help Polina Dibrova in the education of the children of her female fans.

      Старший сын Полины Дибровой научился хитрить

      However, some followers believe that his picture of Sasha has set several parents different problem, more serious and complex than gently to get him to make a confession to the arts. They thought that the picture of the boy – an occasion to turn to a good psychologist. “Drawings on the walls bad: grin teeth, big eyes… the child has any fears, anxiety, share their opinion.

      It is obvious that Polina Dibrova, after reading all the comments left under her post, many tips will choose the one that will fit. After all, despite their relatively young age, Polina, 26 years old, she is already quite an experienced mommy. And with Dmitry Dibrova Union is considered to be one of the strongest in the Russian show-business, in March this year, the star couple celebrated the seventh anniversary of family life. In seven years of marriage, Polina Dibrova did her husband and the father of three sons, giving birth every two years, as scheduled. The couple has six – year-old Sasha, a two-year Fyodor and Ilya, who at the end of may will be a year. Now the husband and wife dream of a daughter – they repeatedly said in interviews that want to dilute the heroes Princess.

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